FUMC CELEBRATES WORLD KIDNEY DAY | Fatima University Medical Center

In celebration of World Kidney Day, the Nephrology Section of Fatima University Medical Center – Valenzuela conducted a lecture on proper nutrition for its hemodialysispatients last March 10, 2022.

In the said lecture, patients, who are on dialysis, were properly informed on how to take care of their kidneys. World Kidney Day declares 2022 as the year of ‘Kidney Health for All’ to promote global teamwork in advancing strategies in bridging the gap in kidney health education and literacy.

In an interview with Dr. Maritess Lopez, IM-Nephrologist of FUMC Valenzuela, she emphasized the importance of educating hemodialysis patients when it comes to proper nutrition. “We wanted to give the right information to patients who are on dialysis… information on how to take care of their kidneys because their diet changes as soon as they start undergoing the procedure,” says Dr. Lopez.To know more about FUMC’s Hemodialysis Unit and the services that they offer, contact our experts at (02) 291-6538
Loc. 821.

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