FUMC Valenzuela in support of the Local Government of Valenzuela’s Digital Contact Tracing | Fatima University Medical Center

ValTrace app or the “No QR Code, No Entry” policy of the local government of Valenzuela City is one of its initiatives to make contact tracing more convenient and effective. ValTrace: Valenzuela Contact Tracing App is an application where people are required to have their own QR Code scanned before entering enclosed establishments in the city of Valenzuela. Personal QR Codes can be downloaded for free by residents and non-residents registered at https://valtrace.appcase.net/.

Why do we need to sign up and secure our own QR code?

Digital contact tracing tools like ValTrace provide a convenient and contact less experience of tracing a person infected with COVID-19 and its possible hotspots. ValTrace QR codes are also generated for free, no need for supplies to use for manual contact tracing form. You just need to scan them without any physical contact, which is a major advantage since COVID-19 is highly contagious. 

FUMC in support of the local government’s initiatives, requires its visitors, patients, and staff to secure their own QR code before entering inside the hospital’s premises. The policy starts on Monday, October 5, 2020. The initiative eliminates manual contact tracing processes which can take too long and may sidestep the rule for physical distancing and promotion of good hygiene. 

Aside from this initiative from the local government, Fatima University Medical Center always makes sure the safety of its patients and staff through following its safety protocols and advising the public of the safety measures.



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