Fatima University Medical Center – Eye Laser Center Antipolo with their commitment to bring innovating, healing and caring service to their patients, is presenting its additional investment in healthcare technology,  the ZEISS ARTEVO 800 the first digital microscope in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia.

With the acquisition of the ZEISS ARTEVO 800, FUMC Eye Laser Center Antipolo now marks another milestone in their innovative healthcare services.  The ZEISS ARTEVO 800 with its  breakthrough digital technology, will help ophthalmologists perform better eye surgery by viewing the image of the surgical field created on a 55in display screen while in a heads-up position and not by looking down through the microscope eyepieces, thus the term heads-up surgery.  Making the most of the advanced technology, this digital visualization microscope will help health experts of FUMC Eye Laser Center Antipolo achieve new levels of performance, allowing them to expect superior outcomes and increased patient comfort and satisfaction. 

Dr. Vicente Santos, Jr., President of Fatima University Medical Center Antipolo was noted saying, “We at FUMC, believe that our investments in new technology like the ZEISS ARTEVO 800 is a step towards achieving better surgical results while ensuring that our patients, who come from the communities of Rizal and the other far flung provinces,  enjoy and benefit from technology and our expertise.  After all,  they deserve only the best in healthcare from FUMC.”

The ZEISS ARTEVO 800 and our FUMC experts create masterful moves that  promise improved confidence in optical surgery.  Add to that the fact that the surgical procedure is displayed on screen for everybody to see, and the entire surgical team is onboard every step of the way, and can work together to ensure success. The ZEISS ARTEVO 800 also boasts of data accessibility through cloud connectivity, letting trained staff have access to all the information gathered during the procedure anytime and anywhere in just a click.

Fatima University Medical Center has been in the healthcare industry for over 50 years. With two branches In Valenzuela City and Antipolo City.


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