Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit | Fatima University Medical Center

The FUMC Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center focuses on restoring the patient’s functionality following injury or illness. Our highly trained and competent staff provides quality healthcare to patients with conditions that include the following:

Arthritis and Rheumatic Diseases
Autism and ADHD
Cerebral Palsy
Geriatric Rehab
Development Delays
Functional Impairment due to prolonged immobilisation
Developmental Disabilities
Low Back Pain
Neuromuscular diseases, such as ALS
Rotator cuff dysfunction
Spinal Cord and Central Nevous System injuries
Stroke / CVA
Traumatic Brain injuries

Our Services include:


Used to treat arthritis, burns and other rheumatic concerns through special exercises done while submerged in water.

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
Aims to improve patient’s ability to function and reduce symptoms through supervised programs that include exercise, patient and family education/counselling, pain and stress management, and gait retraining.

Cardiac/Neuro Réhabilitation
Help increase function and reduce debilitating symptoms of patients with cardiac diseases or neurological ailments.

Kinesio Taping
Allowing support and stability in the muscles and joints without limiting the range of motions.

Balance/Proprioceptive Training
Aims to control the position of an injured or deficient joint and this regains command of the body.

Tecar Therapy
Relieves muscle and joint pain and disorders by using a high-frequency non-invasive electrical current that accelerates natural regeneration in the biological tissue.


Used to immobilise and protect joints to prevent injury.

Hand Rehabilitation
Eases pain, stiffness, and movement problems of the hand and wrist.

Dysphagia Management
Treats patient’s with difficulty in swallowing through stimulation and oropharyngeal exercises.


Provides pain relief by temporarily inhibiting nervous transmissions.

Treats symptoms of osteoarthritis by injecting a lubricating fluid into a joint.

Trigger Point Injection
Treats painful areas of the muscle that has trigger points, or knots that form when muscles do not relax.

Contact Information

Location: FUMC Antipolo/FUMC Valenzuela
Telephone: (Valenzuela Branch) (02) 82916538 loc. 105
Telephone: (Antipolo Branch) (02) 87278845 loc. 3011

Suggested Doctors

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Need help? FUMC HOTLINE NUMBERS (02) 87278845 (Antipolo) and (02) 82916538 (Valenzuela) / Clinic Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm daily.

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