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When Your Kidneys Fail

Your kidneys’ main function is to remove toxins and excess fluids and minerals from your blood. However, in case of kidney failure or chronic kidney disease, your kidneys will be unable to fulfil this role, leading to the accumulation of these waste products in your body, which can then cause severe health problems.

How Hemodialysis Works

When your kidneys fail, you need treatment to pick up their job. Hemodialysis, and other such dialysis, can help do so.
In hemodialysis, your blood passes, a few ounces at a time, through a tube and into a special filter, called a dialyzer.
The dialyzer has two parts—one for your blood and one for washing fluid called dialysate—separated by a thin membrane, through which waste products in the blood pass to then be washed away. Removing these wastes and extra salt and fluids helps keep safe levels of minerals and vitamins in your body.
Afterwards, the clean blood is returned to your body.

Can dialysis cure my kidney disease?

Usually, you go on dialysis when you have only 10% – 15% of your kidney function left. Dialysis may only be needed for a short time until your kidneys get better.
In case of kidney failure, your kidneys do not get better and you will permanently need dialysis until you undergo a kidney transplant.

What FUMC Hemodialysis Unit Offers

The FUMC Hemodialysis Unit will provide you with the best specialized patient care possible.

– High-quality water treatment with reverse osmosis system
– Monthly laboratory panel
– Fresenius Dialysis Machine
– Exclusive Bicarbonate Dialyzer
– Highly trained and efficient staff
– Several modes of payment to ease your worries (cash, outright PhilHealth deduction, HMO, PCSO Guarantee Letter)

Contact Information

Location: FUMC Antipolo/FUMC Valenzuela
Telephone: (Valenzuela Branch) (02) 82916538 loc. 821 / 09158907898
Telephone: (Antipolo Branch) (02) 87278845 loc. 3001

Suggested Doctors

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Need help? FUMC HOTLINE NUMBERS (02) 87278845 (Antipolo) and (02) 82916538 (Valenzuela) / Clinic Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm daily.

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