Anesthesiology and Pain Management | Fatima University Medical Center

Anesthesiologists are all-around physicians who provide pain relief and total care to patients before, during, and after treatments.


Our anesthesia care team will be administering and managing anesthesia to minimize the patient’s pain. They will consult with both the patient and the surgeon before the surgery to optimize the surgical and anesthetic experience. They will also ensure your comfort during the surgery by specifically tailoring the anesthetics to your medical condition and existing health issues. They will continuously monitor your vitals and provide care as necessary, as well as ensure that you are comfortable after the surgery.


Our anesthesia care team has experts in acute and chronic pain management. They can provide postoperative or post-injury pain relief by performing more complex procedures such as continuous nerve blocks.

Contact Information

Location: FUMC Antipolo/FUMC Valenzuela
Telephone: (Valenzuela Branch) (02) 82916538 loc. 420
Telephone: (Antipolo Branch) (02) 87278845

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Need help? FUMC HOTLINE NUMBERS (02) 87278845 (Antipolo) and (02) 82916538 (Valenzuela) / Clinic Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm daily.

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